About Us

ad tempus · consulting was founded in Frankfurt in 1997. We call ourselves a “society for enterprise management” in order to make clear that we set our emphasis on implementation, not merely on consulting.

We therefore have extensive management experience in addition to consulting expertise. During our active management time, we have learned that consulting projects lead to a heavier burden for employees due to extra meetings and the results often cannot be implemented as intended. We therefore see it as our responsibility to discern what is feasible and to implement it while limiting the burden put on the company. In a further step, it is important for us to make sure the company remains stable after any changes have been made.

Because problems are company-specific, we believe that standardised solutions cannot be effective and we therefore emphasise the expertise and skill of the persons involved. As we concentrate immediately on the core of a problem, we are able to get results very quickly. This is vital to our business, as our tasks must generally be carried out under enormous time pressure. But that’s what we’re here for – for the most difficult tasks.

ad tempus · consulting

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