Klaus M. Weber, ad-tempus

Klaus. M. Weber

Klaus Michael Weber is joint founder of ad tempus · consulting. He focuses mainly on marketing and sales with emphasis on complex marketing systems and key account management as well as strategy development and plausibility checks.

Mr. Weber started his career as a sales assistant for brand-name products and then spent six years in food trade, working his way up to Head of Sales for food branches. He then returned to sales of brand-name products as Head of Sales Promotion, Internal Sales Manager, Sales Manager for Special Functions (brand name and sales integration/reorganisation) and finally as National Sales Manager with a 3-stage field service.

He has been in consulting since 1989 as Project Manager for various complex projects, the results of which have been implemented successfully. These include time management projects, particularly in renovation and redevelopment.

His guiding theme:
In the absence of information, there is a tendency for interpretation.
(Klaus M. Weber)

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