Our service is serving our client and his project goal.· We aim at consulting our clients effectively.

  • Therefore we do not service alibi projects, or a project the client does not genuinely need.
  • Together with our client, we want to ensure the future proficiency of his business.
  • We want to consult as honest partners to our client. We know that honesty can, under certain circumstances, be unpleasant. However, we take our clients and their problems too seriously to refrain from being frank if necessary.
  • We are open for criticism since this is where we learn. And we know that we cannot know everything.
  • We want to fulfill our task so well that our clients will recommend us to others.

Professional and social competence guarantee the quality of consulting.

  • Our consultants are practically orientated and/or scientifically educated. Each has a many years of experience in management and consulting.
  • Therefore ad tempus consultants are inevitably experienced professionals, with professional as well as the important social competence.
  • Should we ourselves not be in the position to supply the necessary “know-how” for any aspect of a problem given, we will include a specialist with the corresponding profile to meet these requirements.
  • We shall decline any project contract should we not be able to ensure this.
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