Two Dimensions

The ad tempus · consulting approach is complete, i.e. ad tempus not only advises, but also implements concepts and ad tempus manages the changing process. The entire approach has two dimensions:

Companies are networking systems.
We consider the relationship of dependence between projects and the operative and functional processes of the entire company.

Related issues and consequences for other processes / functions will also be considered and described whenever a single part of a company is consulted. In this way, isolated and inefficient solutions are avoided.

Grafik: Companies are networking systems

Companies are social systems.
We link the functional process with the emotional system of the company. Practical examples have shown that one of the main reasons of failure in change processes is not taking into account the emotional system of a company.

Here are possible conflict potentials, which in the context of our work are considered, will be moderate, and solved.

Grafik: Emotionaler Projektverlauf
ad tempus · consulting

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